Mozilla Firebird becomes Firefox

Filed under: Computers · Date: Mon Feb 9 14:43:26 2004

FirefoxMozillaZine announces the release of 0.8 version of Firefox, the lightweight browser. Firefox was previously known as Mozilla Firebird. This caused some disputes in the OS community because there a project by that name already.

The Firefox name was trademarked on December 2003. It was one of the non-technical issues holding back the 0.8 release of Firefox.

I've got no problem with the name, but the bashing of MozillaZine's story doesn't suit me. It was the Mozilla developers who err'ed here, not the Firebird community, nor the corporations supporting the development and branding of Firebird. If you ask me, it was about time to get an acceptable name for the browser. The Mozilla Foundation has updated Firefox's product page.

Funny thing was; I was browsing Mozilla Firebird's product pages a couple of days ago with Internet Explorer 5. The pages didn't render proberly. I would counsider it bad design, as IE users are the major target group of the browser.

Update Feb 10: Steven Garrity (of Acts of Volition fame) has been part of the team branding Mozilla. You can read his fine article on the new logo design (illustrated above).

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