Internet Explorer most popular browser

Filed under: Internet · Date: Fri Apr 7 23:53:22 2006

Internet ExplorerAfter running BBClone for a week, I now have statistics to talk about. There's nothing special though. Internet Explorer is dominating the browsers, but Firefox is close behind. Safari usage is minimal, and I'm propably the only one browsing my blog with Epiphany. Maybe I should not be surprised, after all, popular distributions like Ubuntu have Firefox as the default browser for GNOME.

Steven writes in his blog that Internet Explorer is a clear leader on non-techical sites. His reasoning is sound, and I've had similar experiences when dealing with non-technical people using Macs -- They don't install new browsers. I'm pretty sure we'll see Internet Explorer topping in most browser statistics for years. People don't have enough good reasons to make the switch. Are security issues a reason? No, you'll need to be running some sort of anti-virus and firewall software anyways.

Here are the statistics:

Browser share
Internet Explorer52%
Mozilla Firefox37%

Microsoft dominates the Operating Systems too. Over 85% of my visitors are running Windows OS.

The statistics cover only my blog, and of that only the documents. I would like to know if people are still hotlinking to my images (or actually which images are hotlinked), but BBClone doesn't offer that sort of logging. I would need to use an Apache log analyzer for that.

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