Ugliness and design

Filed under: Internet · Date: Wed Jul 5 01:01:19 2006

Joshua Porter writes about ugliness and good design in the Vitamin. He points a trend in the design of some of the webs most successful sites -- and the trend is not appealing visuals. What is obvious from his writings, ugliness is no factor of success.

Similarly other sources on good design are telling us, that it's not the looks, but overall experience that really counts. Web site's success is dependant of repeat visits, and the overall experience is key to it. Without repeat visits there is no audience for a site. Unless your site is like a beggar entertaining passers-by.

Joe Clark was going to give a speech about success and design in SXSW 2005, but didn't. You can read his informative notes on his site though: SXSW: Does design matter?

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